Road to Vietnam, part 2 (The adventure starts)

6:30 am, railway station of Gorakhpur

I wake up on the floor of the officers room, covered with my yellow blancket as protection for the mosquitoes. The rest was not so good, but at least my brain was disconnected of the previous situation for a while.

Aparently, the coverture worked, it was really hot being under that thick thing, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, Victor hasn’t got the same luck. The image of a beated boxer is pictured now in his face. He didn’t covered his body entirely and now his lips are inflated as a glove.

Walking slow and clumsily like alive zombies, we get to the platform where the train will arrive. No surprises this time, there isn’t any delay. The transport arrives on time.

Without seat reservation we get into the train and the wandering starts. All the coaches are full of people and the ticket revisors are everywhere, its time to play. What game will we be involved in today? ‘Hide and seek’ as usual? ‘I didn’t know, we are tourists’ meaby?

Ass soon as we get in and we put our backpacks on a corner, a guay realizes we don’t have any reservation and offers us to sit on his lower bed. Without hesitation, we accept and we save our belongings under the soft bank.

From our seats, we start to see how full is the train, even more than the usual. There are even groups of two or three people sleeping together in the same bed.

At first, everything is fine. We are comfortable seated with this new friend and five or six more Indians meanwhile we all talk, until the tiredness takes control of our bodies and we fall sleep. The nap doesn’t last long, there are men moving from their seats to the corridor from time to time and the bed isn’t so comfortable anymore.

But the restless past night is still afeccting us and we fall sleep again. Our figures are bended against the wall and it’s difficult to maintain a proper and healthy posture because of the slippery materiap which protects the filling of the seat. As a never ending loop, the process is reapeted. Even trying to adopt different positions.

After three hours, we start to feel our bodies weak and damageg as hell. We can’t spend much more hours like this… but we do it anyway. We need to sleep and the travel is going to be veeery long.
With the pain already suffered, we decided to sacrifice our future for an inocent and uncosness present.

After five or six hours opening and closing our eyes, trying to adopt a better posture, trying to be more comfortable but without annoying others because of our size, we surrender. Hunger is nocking to our door now so we better take care of it, we can deal with having a good rest later.

After getting in and out of the train to check if there is something eatable (not full of oil and fucking spicy) in each stop, we find some chapattis and rice with beans.

With our stomachs quitter and our minds clearer we keep chatting. Just the two of us, the Indians surrounding us run out of vocabulary long ago.

The day passes by like this, chatting and having some snacks from time to time. We can’t use our electronic device because there aren’t electric pluggers in the coach (there is only one and is the center of fights all the time) and we need to save battery for using the GPS. Oh! the fact that our only functional mobile phone is mine and its battery is as reliable as a monkey with a granade launcher (you never know when is going to explode all of a sudden) is something to take consderation of.

Faster than the expected, the day comes to its end and the night falls slow and quietly over us. Everything starts to get colder and quitter, the perfect ambient for sleeping.
The only problem is that we don’t have any place for it. The floor is getting full of people lying even in the smallest corner and the we need to share ‘our bed’ with at least five people.

This is not the perfect ambient for sleeping at all… and there are still plenty of hours ahead of travel.

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