Road to Vietnam, part 3 (A new hope)

7:30 pm, same train, same coach, same seats.

There isn’t natural light anymore, all the passengers with a ticket start to get comfortable in their beds, which means: start tu push out all the people in their seats so they can lye down.

With this happening surrounding us, our main worry becames where to sleep on the floor among all the people who is taking posession of it. We don’t even think about how dirty is the train after an entire day of the same people eating and travelling there. It looks like that for Indians, as more time you travel the less you care about the space you are sharing with others.

Our friend, who had spent almost half of the day standing on his feet so another ‘needes’ can have a seat, a real samaritan, suddenly disapears in the end of the coach. And the worryness becames even bigger.

No sleeper class ticket, no more halping hand and no proper rest for more than 48 hours. This is going to be hard and there is still a huge distance ahead.

Trying to confront the situation in a better way, I go to the bathroom to refresh myself. But after all the day receiveing that high radiation from the sun, the entire train is so hot that the water from the pipes gets out almost boiling through the taps.
Although, this isn’t the worst consequence. There is something way worse than that which was taking place since midday.

Like a rat trying to get out from a bucket pushed against a human belly and heated with a flamethrower, all the coacroaches living in the interior structure of the coach were trying to find an exit to the outside. A cooler ambient and a floor full of trash are grate motivations to this little fellas.

Being careful of not step on any bug, food leftover, or a person’s body, I come back to ‘our seat’ as sweated as I was before.

Right after my arrival, our friend appears in front of us smiling and traying to get our attention. It looks like he has some good news.

Twenty minutes later we are lyed down on our own bed, trying to fit our huge bodies in it and without bothering the other. We don’t know how but that guy handled to get a seat for us from some extrangers he didn’t even know before.

This doesn’t look like the country we spent 2 months in…

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