Road to Vietnam, part 4 (The never ending story)

7:13 am (after 25 hours of travel)

As soon as we wake up and we go for a walk in the coach, the new is transmited by everyone. At first in Hindi and after some minutes we receive it in English: the train is suffering a delay of 3,5 hours.

It doesn’t surprise us, the transport was stopping a lot of time every 20 minutes yesterday. And it is known that Indians are not famous for being punctual.

During the walk we realize that everything is still in its place, the dirtyness, the trash, the coacroaches… but there is something new. Two guys are ‘cleaning’ some corners of the coach with pipes, what adds something more to the mix. Now the floor is full of wet rubbish so the coacroaches are avoiding it…

After a few hours the sun gets hotter, until the coach itsn’t so different from a Turkish bath. The heat combined with the water on the floor provoces that all the bugs start to climb from bed to bed and look for a better hide out in the luggage of the passengers.

Trying to be as far of the floor as we can, we remain in our bed talking, writting, reading, or doing whatever activity that cames to our mind and doesn’t requires any power supply.

We spend a lot of hours talking about our stay in India and Nepal and all the moments we shared together. After some time we run out of them and we start to talk about the ones we were by orselves. There is nothing better that a good conversation for fighthing this suffocating weather.

Breakfast time, brunch time, lunch time… the hours pass by but we just it some snacks from time to time. We only have 300 rupees (a train meal is between 70 and 100 rupees) in our pockets and we don’t have any idea about the time of arrival. So we better save it for later.

One and a half day has already passed since we got in this train and each hour looks longer than the previous one.

If you pay attention to the Indian’s faces, all their sights are lost looking to a different corner of the train: in a mobile phone screen where three people are watching a high saturated and high in testosterone Indian action movie; in the landscape, if you are lucky enough to be sitted next to a window; in a spinning fan hanging from the roof, in a coacroach hanging fron a lamp until it lets itself fall in someone’s head… or just in the infinite emptiness of the universe’s space.
Some of them simply entretain themselves kicking as footballers the coacroaches that walk around on the seats and walls. I dont want, to be persistent but, did I mention how full of bugs it is this place?

Suddenly, a lot of people start to speak loudly at the same time. More news are running through the coaches. After some minutes we have the translation: The delay now is more than 7 hours…

In one of the next stops, I decide to go out and check with the GPS of my mobile phone if the information its true. Hoping to be in some point between our origin (Gorakhpur) and our destination , the map surprises me showing our current location in some point far from that imaginary line. It looks like the way is not straight but more like a big ‘C’ around the country.

With our close destiny accepted, we just lye down in our bed for hours, writing, reading, listening to some music from time to time… There is nothing better to do.

That made up rule about the locals and how they care less when they spend a lot of time in the same public space gets more provable by moments. Some of them even walk around throwing the peelings of the mandarine they are about to eat.

Somehow, everything holds on in a controlled chaos that, after hours and hours of observation, you can watch moving in slow motion. Okay, meaby this was just my imagination. We are spending here too many hours, this is starting to be unhealthy.

Suddenly, something pulls me out of my own bubble. The train is moving faster and it was long ago since we made the last stop. Is the driver trying to arrive on time?

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