Road to Vietnam, part 5 (Every story has its end)

7pm (37 hours of travel)

Our guessings were not wrong. The transport is not moving faster but we are not spending that much time in each station. So the delay may be less than the expected.

Its getting dark again but the temperature in the train is still incredibly high. Sweat layer over sweat layer, our bodies are slippery pieces of meat trying not to touch each other. But we are short of space and its usual to add some aditional layers collected from others to your own amount of discustness.

You don’t notice how dirty you are untill, trying to scrath a part of your body to realese you from an annoying itchiness, you realize that the space between your nails and the point of your fingers is full of a black sustance.

Tired of being lying on our seat, I decide to go to the toilet so I can stretch my legs a little bit and clear my mind. As soon as I enter into the place I remember that I forgot about mentioning something… it is related to that rule about Indians during long periods at the same place.

There must be an anex in that rule which talks about how high gets the probability of finding a WC surrounding by stoles. Is crazyly surprising how bad is their accuracy when they don’t give a shit about anything or anyone. You can even find some clues of ‘an incident’ in one of the walls of the toilets, an ‘slippery’ incident which looks taken from the worst horror film. And I thought that the barhroom of SAW (the movie) was terrible…

Back to my seat I find Victor trying to sleep. He has been fighting the whole day for not falling asleep and don’t getting a coacroach into his mouth.

The hours pass by with the music of my mobile phone as soundtrack. My aquitance is sleeping meanwhile I get lost in my thoughts for hours. Thinking about the coming back home, about my close future, the rest of the travel…

Two hours later I reconnect my mind with reality for going outside during a stop. I want to check how far we are from our destination, which we start to believe as an unreachable place that we will never get to.

And then the impossible happens, the GPS moves from the previous location to a place just 92 km away from the city of our nightmares. We are going to make it!

After this moment everything happens so fast that I just can picture myself in the railway station putting my backpack on the floor and taking my t-shirt out. Without hessitation, the two of us aproach to the closest fountain and we start to wash our bodies. We even use some sope, we really need to feel alive again.

The cool water felt so good that we decide to take some minutes half naked and be sitted on the floor to enjoy being back to life. Now we only need to take a short train so we can finish our task.

After asking several times for a train to the next city, we have our tickets. General class again. But we don’t mind it at all, it’s going to be just a 6 hours ride. Nothing compared to our previous experience.

Once in the train, the shock is huge. Everything is so clean! At least for Indian standards. There are even some empty beds and all the people is quietly sleeping. It looks like we are in a different country.

With a bed for each one of us and six hours of darkness ahead, we just lye down again as if it was something as usual as breathing. But we really need it now, its been an exhausting day, sorry exhausting days. Time is just a messure system that lost all meaning for us and that we need to understain again so we can continue with our lifes.

The rest of the adventure is just something unnecessary to be tell and as interesting as taking the bus from your work or place of study to coming back home. Just another transport taking you back to your routine, to your life.

We needed to come back.

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